Solitaire ruby ring

Ruby Solitaire Ring

Stunning 18k Gold ruby solitaire ring. Pure elegance. A solitaire design with a unique head of four solid prongs on a knife-shaped shank.


  • Handmade rings.
  • Manufacturing lead time: 6 weeks.
  • Text engraving for free.
Metal Color

Ruby Solitaire Ring

Elegant and robust ruby solitaire ring. Spectacular design with sturdy head prongs that hold a round-shape faceted ruby. The shank of this ring is of a blade-shaped section to which we have flattened the sides so that it is a comfortable piece. A piece with very clean lines that will not leave you indifferent.

It should be noted the design of its head of four prongs and its clean and elegant line. A design that fulfills its main task perfectly: to hold the stone tight. It also allows light to enter the gemstone from different angles, thus magnifying its beauty.

One Carat Round Faceted Ruby

On this model we have assembled a beautifully faceted round one-carat blue ruby. If you wish, we can make this ring with a gemstone of another size or even with other color stones.


We can customize this model to your liking as well as make it in different width measurements.

If you want to do any changes or buy a single alliance contact us, we will be happy to help you.

18k Gold

18k is the alloy that has better characteristics of durability and resistance as well as its hypoallergenic qualities as well as its natural beauty. So it is the alloy used always in the best jewelry pieces and the most used in the wedding rings manufacturing.

All our pieces are solid and are analyzed and contrasted by the official laboratory of contrasts of Madrid CLM according to the current law of precious metals. This is your only guarantee that you are buying 18K or what is the same as 750 thousandths.

Manufacturing lead time

The manufacturing period of this model is a maximum of six weeks from the completion of the order and once we have all the data for its development as the text to be engraved and size.

Do you need them in less time? Contact us and tell us when you need them and we will inform you about what we can do.

Shipping time

The shipping time will depend on the country and the population where the order will be received. All our international shipments are shipped with FedEx and are insured.

Text engraving for free

Once you have placed your order we will contact you to tell you about the options available on the engrave of your rings.

The engraved of the rings is one of the details that we give more importance. We make accurate, balanced, and well-placed engrave of great depth and definition. Use very careful calligraphies can even engrave different symbols both inside and outside.


Data sheet

18k Gold
Central Gemstone
Gem Size
6.5 mm
Total Carat Weight
0.50 carats

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