We are designers and manufacturers of amazing jewelry pieces

We escape from the traditional designs and show our personal vision of what jewelry nowadays should be. We want to create our own timeless distinguishing feature. Our designs are savage, our job is our passion and we infuse character and strength into our creations.

The aim is for our customers to feel totally identified with the jewel and value the qualities.

You can choose from one of our already existing designs or create your own tailored ring.

Pepe Artisan Jeweler from Pepe Dry Madrid

Jeweler and designer, he is a specialist in wax modeling, metal and 3D designs.

Obsessed in minor details that makes the difference,
always looking for perfection.
Jeweler 25 hour a day.
Self-taught person.

He likes going to the countryside
and connecting with nature.
Travel freely and aimlessly.

Live close to a wild river.
Cross the three big capes in a sail boat.
Visit the Amazon.
Design, create and manufacture
everything he needs on a daily basis.
Living off the grid.

Maribel Artisan Jeweler from Pepe Dry Madrid

Expert in making plans work well .

She leaves nothing to chance.
Speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese.
Outgoing, loving, funny, and charismatic.
She is the muse and the key element of Pepe Dry.

Personal contact
Getting up early
Miniature things
Endless calm and interesting conversations.

Traveling USA in a RV
Live in a tropical country

I came from a not far away past. I started at the beginning of the century, in the year 2000.

I came from a not far away past. I started at the beginning of the century, in the year 2000. I did not get my expertise like many others growing in a jeweler’s family, for better or worse I learnt them myself. It was really hard coming to this point of knowledge although I still am constantly learning. Every new order is a challenge to keep learning.

My love for many different artistic disciplines has always been burning inside. When I had the chance, I got a jewelers file in my hand and started to work giving shape to the ideas flying around in my head. I began working mostly with silver, putting great effort and time, almost obsessively. Even when I was not working I could not stop thinking about what I was working on. My mind was constantly molding and shaping new ideas. In my early days I had a partner who was not very good either in technique nor in knowledge. Soon we realized that we both needed to take different paths. However I must thank him for getting me in this business. Bit by bit I developed my own technique and style, influenced by the challenges of each design. The more challenging the more interesting to me.

I do not remember ever saying… I cannot do that… if I have to do it I will.

I want to thank to all those who trusted me in making their ideas come true in the shape of rings, because of that I have learnt a little bit every day. I also want to thank people in this business for sharing their knowledge with me, instead of keeping it as their best-kept secrets.

Analyzing diamonds for rings with a magnifying glass
Pepe Artisan Jeweler from Pepe Dry Madrid
Engagement Ring Trial
Tools for artisan ring making
Jewelry Caliper
Celtic Wedding Bands Rings
Loose Parts Rings
Jeweler making 3D design of custom ring
Pepe and Maribel in their Gran Vía Jewelry Store
Tools for custom ring design
Fundido de Piezas
Custom made ring in artisan jewelry from Madrid
Artisan Design of Wedding Bands
Pepe and Maribel Spanish Artisan Jewelers
Maribel working on the 3D design of wedding bands

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Madrid, Spain

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