For the online shopping on this website, the client can choose from one of the following payment methods: 

Secure payment by credit card. 

Payment by bank transfer. 

Payment through the PayPal payment platform. 

Payment in installments 

If the payment is made in two or more parts,the delivery of the piecewillnotbemade until the full payment of the piece has been made.In case the order is finished and ready for shipment the customer will have eight months to pay the total order, after this period, unless agreed in writing between both parties, it will be consideredthat the customer has desisted to make the purchase losing the right to claim the amount of any payment previously made. 

Term ofcompletion 

We refer to the term of completion at the time that elapses since the user formalizes the order through the first payment, either total or partial, until the order is ready to be sent or delivered.Regardless the time for the delivery, that will depend on the country, region or area chosen for that purpose. 

This period will be specified in each product file or in the purchase process.If this period is not accomplished for any reason, the customer has the right to cancel the order and be refund with the amount previously paid. That payment will be made through the same manner in which was made or any other that both parties may agree. 


We offer a lifetime guarantee if any possible manufacturing defect may occur during fabrication.The guarantee does not cover the damage caused by improper use or caused by aging, such as plating loss or scratches. 

This warranty does not cover the loss or breakage of stones.All our pieces pass a strict quality control in order to comply with the highest standards of quality and durability. 

In case of return for manufacturing defects we will send out our transport agency to collect the piece.Once the product has been received, we will proceed to its analysis and revision in order to verify that it has not been exposed to an improper use, modified or altered in any of its original aspects.Once analyzed, it will be repaired, replaced or refunded if neccesary. 

In the event that once the product has been received and analyzed, the result discover that was modified, altered or damaged by improper use, the client will be notified by email with the result of the findings along with the different solutions or possible repair costs.The company will not make any modifications or repairs without the written approval of the client accepting the cost of the repairs. The cost derived by returning the piece to the owner will be assumed for client in the same manner.  

Cancel order 

Thecompany reserves the right to cancel the order without prior notice within five business days after received the first payment, whether total or partial.The company is committed to refund with the total payment of the amount made through the same means or any other that considers appropriate within five business days after received the payment. The client does not have the right to any compensation due to cancelling. 

Return policy 

Our customers have 30 days to return the piece if it does not meet your expectations. 

Once the piece is returned, we will proceed with its analysis and review.After analyzing and verifying that it has not been misused, modified or altered from the original, we will proceed to refund the amount of the product except for costs raised from the delivery company. 

This amount will be reimbursed by the same means in which the transaction was made within a maximum period of 15 business days from the reception of the product. 

Size change 

In the event that once received the ring or alliance that needs to be resized, the first modification is free if occurs within the first three months after received the piece except for the cost of the materials used in the resizing (Only Spanish peninsula). 

Thecosts derived from the transportation and customs duty for the rest of the world (Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla included) will be assumed by the costumer.  

For changes in size after the first three months, the cost and possible risks will be evaluated and detailed in a budget assuming the client the cost of this modification as well as the materials used. The company will not carry with any cost any circumstance.  


Intellectual property 

The content of this website such as images, logos, trademarks or any other element is protected by the current law of intellectual and industrial property. All the rights are reserved and will not be used without the specific permission of the owner. 



These conditions are under the laws of the Spanish Government, for which any claim will be made in the courts of Madrid. 

Any request, notification or any type of communication will have to be made in writing, understanding that it has been done correctly when it has been sent by email at the following address:info@pepedry.comor using the contact form found on this portal.