Silver Fingerprint Wedding Bands

Original fingerprint wedding rings. A simple straight line design but personalized with something of yours. The fingerprint is not a simple engraving, it is a faithful reproduction with depth and definition. We can apply your fingerprint both outside or inside this model.


  • Handmade wedding rings.
  • Manufacturing lead time: 6 weeks.
  • Text engraving for free. 

Metal Color
Silver Wedding Rings

Original Fingerprint Wedding Rings

These fingerprint wedding rings are a very current and original model with the detail of your fingerprint. A texture of your own skin which will make them unique pieces. The design of straight and simple lines imprints elegance and robustness to these rings.

The texture of these alliances is not a simple engraving. It is a texture with relief and depth that faithfully reproduces your fingerprint. For this, we use the most significant part of the footprint. We model it as only we know how to do it later to apply it on something more than a third of the surface of the piece. With this we get it to be a beautiful organic texture and have durability, perfectly withstanding the passage of time.

We leave your choice where you want us to apply your fingerprint: outside or inside the rings. You can also choose the width from 3 mm onwards. If you want to acquire this wedding band and cannot come to visit us, do not worry. We have everything planned so that you can carry out the entire process comfortably from your home and also without any additional cost. Contact us and we will inform you how easy it is.


We can customize this model to your liking as well as make it in different width measurements.

If you want to make any changes or buy a single alliance contact us, we will be happy to help you.

Manufacturing lead time

The manufacturing period of this model is a maximum of six weeks from the completion of the order and once we have all the data for its development as the text to be engraved and size.

Do you need them in less time? Contact us and tell us when you need them and we will inform you about what we can do.

Shipping time

The shipping time will depend on the country and the population where the order will be received. All our international shipments are shipped with FedEx and are insured.

Text engraving for free

Once you have placed your order we will contact you to tell you about the options available on the engrave of your rings.

The engraved of the rings is one of the details that we give more importance. We make accurate, balanced, and well-placed text of great depth and definition. Use very careful calligraphies can even engrave different symbols both inside and outside.

Buy Online Wedding bands

Now you can buy online wedding rings comfortably from anywhere. From Pepe Dry, we offer personalized and efficient treatment. So your shopping experience will be very simple and exciting. In addition, with the assurance that you will receive your rings of great quality made for you, within the agreed deadlines and with a return guarantee.

Do you want to know more? Visit our online sales policy section where you will have access to the information in more detail.


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925 Sterling Silver

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