Square Shape Emeralds Wedding Bands

Stunning emeralds wedding rings. Ten stones that occupy a third of her ring.


  • Handmade wedding rings.
  • Manufacturing lead time: 6 weeks.
  • Text engraving for free.

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Wedding Rings

Elegant Square Shape Emeralds Wedding Bands

Classic and distinguished princess cut gemstones wedding bands. This is a straight and simple design with a rail in which we have set ten square gemstones. These are arranged on its front and occupy about a third of her ring. An elegant piece of handmade jewelry with a fine finish that combines two exceptional materials.

You can choose your rings in three different metal colors: white, rose, or yellow gold. We can make this model from a width of three millimeters. The thickness of the pieces is at the ring without gemstones of 1.50mm and the ring with gemstones is 1.80mm If you want to make any modifications to this piece contact us. At Pepe Dry, we will advise you and help you in every way possible with the perfect choice.

Ten Square Shape gemstones

In her ring, the protagonists are ten square shape stones which you can choose between emeralds, rubies, or sapphires with an approximate total weight of 0.60 carats. The system used this time to hold the princesses is the one set in the rail. This is a setting that allows you to put the stones touching each other, it is also impossible for a stone to fall. This piece can be made with more or fewer stones or also in other sizes.


We can customize this model to your liking as well as make it in different width measurements.

If you want to do any changes or buy a single alliance contact us, and we will be happy to help you.

18k gold

18k is the alloy that has better characteristics of durability and resistance as well as its hypoallergenic qualities as well as its natural beauty. So it is the alloy used always in the best jewelry pieces and the most used in wedding ring manufacturing.

All our pieces are solid and are analyzed and contrasted by the official laboratory of contrasts of Madrid CLM according to the current law of precious metals. This is your only guarantee that you are buying 18 carats or what is the same as 750 thousandths.

Manufacturing lead time

The manufacturing period of this model is a maximum of six weeks from the completion of the order and once we have all the data for its development as the text to be engraved and size.

Do you need them in less time? Contact us and tell us when you need them and we will inform you about what we can do.

Shipping time

The shipping time will depend on the country and the population where the order will be received. All our international shipments are shipped with FedEx and are insured.

Text engraving for free

After placing your order, we will promptly contact you to discuss your options for engraving your rings.

At our company, we place great emphasis on the quality and precision of our engravings. We strive to create engravings that are balanced, accurate, and expertly placed with great depth and definition. In addition to using careful calligraphy, we are able to engrave a variety of different symbols both inside and outside of the rings.

Trust us to create a flawless and meaningful engraving that will be treasured for years to come.

Buy Online Wedding bands

Now you can buy online wedding rings comfortably from anywhere. From Pepe Dry, we offer personalized and efficient treatment. So your shopping experience will be very simple and exciting. In addition, with the assurance that you will receive your rings of great quality made for you, within the agreed deadlines and with a return guarantee.

Do you want to know more? Visit our online sales policy section where you will have access to the information in more detail.


Data sheet

18k Gold
With stones 1.80mm Without stones 1.50
Gemstones Size
Princess cut emeralds 2mm
Central Gemstone
Total Amount gemstones

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